Thursday's politics & policy stories

Confidence in SCOTUS hits historic low, poll finds

Top DOJ officials detail Trump's efforts to overturn election results

DoD investigated "Italygate" conspiracy theory per Trump request

DOJ leadership told Trump they'd all resign over Jeffrey Clark

Ex-Trump aides say six House Republicans sought pardons after Jan. 6

Former Justice officials: Trump asked DOJ to seize voting machines

Jan. 6 panel reveals new details about GOP lawmakers' role in Trump's DOJ schemes

Trump called former AG "virtually every day" to push DOJ on election fraud

Ex-Trump officials say Clark plans to probe election "nuts"

Cheney encourages Wyoming Democrats to switch parties and vote for her

Shawna Chen
Updated Jun 23, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Judge approves $1 billion settlement over Surfside condo collapse

Axios Explains: Abortion

Red states crack down on abortion pills

Reports: Federal investigators search Trump DOJ official's home

Biden administration to cancel $6 billion of student debt for defrauded borrowers

New York politicians outraged over Supreme Court gun control ruling

Latino evangelical leader sees major voter shifts

Biden administration proposes new Title IX protections for trans students

Oriana González
Updated Jun 23, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Supreme Court strikes down New York's concealed carry gun law

Ex-Trump aide books written after 2020 lag in sales

Oil refiner execs head to White House amid soaring profits, record gas prices

Kendall Baker
Updated Jun 23, 2022 - Sports

How 50 years of Title IX have changed American sports

What Gen Z really wants

Here's who's testifying at the fifth Jan. 6 committee hearing

Rebecca Falconer
Updated Jun 23, 2022 - World

Fight for key Donbas cities reaching "fearsome climax," Ukraine warns

Ex-West Virginia lawmaker who filmed himself at Capitol riot jailed

U.S. expands monkeypox testing in bid to better track scope of outbreak

Jan. 6 panel "re-doing" subpoena after failing to find Mo Brooks