Why it matters: Shifts in technology and media are changing the way we play, watch and understand sports. Business models are adapting and social change is forcing those in charge of teams and leagues to reconsider decades-old practices.

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Generation Alpha kids carry on trend of declining interest in sports

Reproduced from Morning Consult; Chart: Axios Visuals

73% of parents with children in Generation Alpha (2013–present) said they encourage their kids to play sports, but just 33% of those kids actually play, according to a survey from Morning Consult.

Why it matters: Sports interest seems to have peaked with millennials — who largely comprise the parents of Generation Alpha — so engaging younger generations has become the sports industry's key challenge.

Tampa-area officials say Super Bowl wasn't a super-spreader event

Buccaneers fans celebrate their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LV in a parking lot near Raymond James Stadium. Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

Despite dire predictions, Tampa’s Super Bowl was not a coronavirus super-spreader event, Hillsborough County health officials said yesterday, per the Tampa Bay Times.

By the numbers: 53 cases in Florida and four more elsewhere were found to be associated with official Super Bowl events.

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