Stories by Rebecca Falconer

Black Economic Alliance forum: 2020 hopefuls vow to close wealth gap

 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) participates in the Black Economic Alliance Forum at the Charleston Music Hall on June 15, 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Sen Elizabeth Warren received a large standing ovation at the Black Economic Alliance Presidential Forum Saturday, as she and 3 other Democratic presidential candidates vowed to close the racial wealth gap, the New York Times reports.

Details: The Massachusetts senator pledged at the Charleston, South Carolina, event to offer $7 billion in grants to black, Latino and Native American entrepreneurs via a newly proposed Department of Economic Development, according to CNN.

Notre Dame holds first mass since fire, with priests in hard-hats

The Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit (C) greets other clergy following the first mass in a side chapel, after a fire engulfed the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, on June 15, 2019, in Paris.
Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit (C) and other clergy members in Notre Dame. Photo: Karine Perret/AFP/Getty Images

The first mass was held at Notre Dame since a ferocious fire destroyed the roof, spire and part of the Paris cathedral's vault — with all present wearing hard-hats, Euronews reports.

Details: Exactly 2 months on from the fire, Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, led the mass Saturday, attended by only 30 people after the Catholic Diocese of Paris said it had to limit numbers because of "security reasons," per Euronews.

Go deeper: 90% of first Notre Dame restoration payment came from U.S. donors

Trump trade war: India announces tariffs on U.S. products

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) and US President Donald Trump during a meeting in the sidelines of the G20 Leaders' Summit in Buenos Aires, on November 30, 2018.
President Trump and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

India announced it's imposing higher tariffs on 28 U.S. products from Sunday, after Washington withdrew the South Asian country's preferential trade status.

Why it matters: It's the latest escalation in President Trump's trade war, designed to cut U.S. deficits. The tariffs on products including almonds and apples are as high as 70% on some items and are in response to Washington's refusal to exempt Delhi from higher taxes on steel and aluminium imports, the BBC notes.