Why it matters: From the Valley to D.C., Big Tech players like Facebook, Google and Amazon are under more scrutiny than ever as new technology develops and privacy and antitrust concerns grow in lockstep with companies’ ambitions.

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Tech dominates highest paying pandemic internships list

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

In the past year as the pandemic raged on, some of the world's most valuable companies continued to grow and compensate their workers well above national medians – interns included.

Driving the news: Workplace review platform Glassdoor published its 2021 report today on the 25 highest paying U.S. internships.

Astrology app Co-Star raises $15 million in new funding

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Co-Star, the maker of an astrology app, has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Spark Capital, with Maveron, Female Founders Fund, and all existing investors also participating.

Why it matters: The company says it has more than 20 million app downloads without any real marketing efforts, and has been downloaded by a quarter of all young women ages 18-25 in the U.S.

4 hours ago - Podcasts

Coinbase president Emilie Choi on mainstreaming crypto

Coinbase plans to go public on Wednesday, in a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency industry.

Axios Re:Cap speaks with Coinbase president and COO Emilie Choi about how she thinks about crypto, why Coinbase eschewed a traditional IPO and if we’re ever going to use bitcoin to buy a cup of coffee.

Cryptocurrency giant Coinbase heads to Wall Street

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Coinbase, the country's largest cryptocurrency exchange, is expected to go public today at what could be a valuation north of $100 billion.

Why it matters: This gives crypto a Wall Street seal of legitimacy, after an early existence marred by ties to illicit goods.

Ina Fried, author of Login
Apr 13, 2021 - Technology

Apple expected to launch new hardware at April 20 media event

Image: Apple

Apple sent out invitations to the media on Tuesday for an April 20 event where it is likely to debut new hardware.

Why it matters: Apple has yet to introduce a number of products that have been long anticipated, including updates to the iPad as well as AirTags — small devices that can help keep tabs on physical objects.

Apr 13, 2021 - Technology

Microsoft looks to leapfrog Big Tech competitors with major acquisitions

Data: CB Insights; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Microsoft is trying to leapfrog competitors like Google and Amazon as they face record antitrust scrutiny.

The big picture: The deals Microsoft has been eyeing are larger than its usual targets and bigger than those of its competitors.

Apr 13, 2021 - Technology

Facebook Oversight Board to start accepting user appeals to remove content

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Facebook's independent Oversight Board said Tuesday that it will now begin accepting user appeals to remove other people's content from Facebook and Instagram.

Why it matters: Until this point, users could only appeal decisions for content they thought needed to be restored.

Dan Primack, author of Pro Rata
Apr 13, 2021 - Economy & Business

Singapore-based Grab going public in largest-ever SPAC deal

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Grab, a Singapore-based "super app" maker, on Tuesday announced plans to go public in the U.S. via the largest-ever SPAC deal.

Why it matters: The deal is more than twice the size of the previous record-holder, United Wholesale Mortgages.

Apr 13, 2021 - Technology

The global business of professional trolling

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Professional political trolling is still a thriving underground industry around the world, despite crackdowns from the biggest tech firms.

Why it matters: Coordinated online disinformation efforts offer governments and political actors a fast, cheap way to get under rivals' skin. They also offer a paycheck to people who are eager for work, typically in developing countries.

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