Why it matters: From the Valley to D.C., Big Tech players like Facebook, Google and Amazon are under more scrutiny than ever as new technology develops and privacy and antitrust concerns grow in lockstep with companies’ ambitions.

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Sam Sabin
1 hour ago - Technology

What to know about the VMware server attacks

Illustration of top down view of opened laptops in a grid pattern.
Sam Sabin
2 hours ago - Technology

Trying to find a safe way to TikTok

Animated illustration of text-in-progress ellipsis made up of periods stylized like the TikTok logo.
Ashley Gold
8 hours ago - Technology

Smaller firms fear limiting net liability law will hobble them

Illustration of a Newton's cradle of hanging cursor hands with one swinging toward the rest

Media braces for the robot era

Illustration of an internet search bar on fire.
Stephen Totilo
22 hours ago - Technology

Hogwarts Legacy game launch becomes referendum on J.K. Rowling

Video game screenshot of a student wizard holding a magic wand
Ina Fried
23 hours ago - Technology

Google details Bard, its ChatGPT rival

A sample of how LaMDA results will start showing up in Google Search.

Binance to temporarily suspend U.S. dollar bank transfers

Latent Technology raises $2.1M to bring generative AI to video games

Illustration of an old video game joystick over a collage of rectangles and circles.

Tech’s grip on largest office leases loosens

Ashley Gold
Feb 6, 2023 - Technology

Court explains decision to let Meta acquire VR firm

Illustration of a small Meta logo under a magnifying glass surrounded by a larger, out of focus version