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Parents spend more time on media than their kids

Data: Nielsen; Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios

U.S. adults spend 10 hours and 24 minutes per day connected to media, according to Nielsen's latest Total Audience Report.

Details: What's more shocking than the crazy amount of time we spend consuming content is the amount that older people consume compared to younger generations. While adults aged 50–64 spend more time per day on media than any other age group, adults aged 18–34 spend more time on digital than TV and TV-connected devices.

Streaming and legalized betting usher in new era for sports content

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

The transition to streaming, the legalization of sports betting, and the rise of esports have created new dynamics for the sports industry that will continue to play out next year.

The big picture: Sports betting is driving a new content industry. Betting on a sports event increases the likelihood of watching it on TV, according to a new telecommunications, media and technology report from Deloitte.

Facebook tries to lure TV advertisers to purchase ads on "Watch"

Illustration of facebook logo and dollar signs
Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Facebook announced last week that the criteria used to determine whether someone is a daily active visitor of its product "Watch" is by measuring whether a user spends at least 1 minute on the Watch platform per day, but Axios has confirmed that those 60 seconds do not need to be consecutive.

Why it matters: In order for Facebook to lure advertisers who typically buy ads on television to purchase video ads on Watch, it needs to convince them that the social platform's audience is just as engaged with shows on Watch. But TV networks measure a "view" of a show based on whether a show was watched for 60 consecutive seconds.

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