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Updated 5 hours ago - Politics & Policy

GOP House speaker tenures shrink as caucus fractures

Updated 6 hours ago - World

Palestinian president rejected U.S. requests to hold off on UN membership vote

Updated 8 hours ago - Energy & Environment

Dubai's record-shattering "rain bomb" has clear climate change ties

Arizona House again blocks repeal of 1864 abortion ban, Senate leaves door open

Updated 9 hours ago - Politics & Policy

"Moral crisis on our campus": Columbia leaders testify to Congress on antisemitism

10 hours ago - World

House Reps urge crack down on companies benefiting from Chinese forced labor

10 hours ago - Sports

One NBA benchwarmer will earn more than Caitlin Clark's entire team

Mike Johnson strikes first in foreign aid fight that threatens his job

12 hours ago - Business

Boeing whistleblower takes aircraft flaw allegations to Senate investigators

13 hours ago - Economy

The U.S. may be entering a new era of persistently high interest rates

Mike Johnson sets up weekend showdown on foreign aid bills

Incensed Democrats stoke GOP revolt against Mike Johnson

15 hours ago - Business

Tesla asks shareholders to help Elon Musk get paid $56 billion

What to know about the seven jurors picked so far in the Trump hush money trial

16 hours ago
Axios Phoenix

How Arizona's 1864 abortion ban stayed on the books

What to know about the "podiumgate" audit involving Sarah Huckabee Sanders

18 hours ago - Economy

Who the U.S. economic safety net leaves behind

19 hours ago
Axios Richmond

STD-riddled "zombie" cicadas are coming in hot

19 hours ago - Technology

Daily Beast to cover tech moguls as exotic species

Where kids have the most — and least — opportunity

Biden may triple tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum

Mike Johnson faces bruising forever war to hold onto his job

Trump, the defendant, confronts courtroom reality

U.S., Microsoft elbow China's AI in Gulf

Updated Apr 17, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Smartmatic and OANN settle 2020 election defamation lawsuit

Girl dads: Seize your moment