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Report: Secret missile site found in North Korea ahead of summit

Two photos. one of Donald trump and one of kim jong un
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Trump. Photo: Korea Summit press pool. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images.

Researchers from Beyond Parallel, a project sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, have discovered a secret ballistic missile base in North Korea ahead of a likely new U.S.-North Korea summit, NBC News reports.

Why it matters: The group estimates North Korea could have as many as 20 undisclosed missile sites. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to hold another nuclear summit sometime in February, even though Pyongyang and Washington have not made any substantial progress on denuclearization since the first summit last summer.

In photos: Sunday's super blood wolf moon eclipse

A Super Blood Moon is above a mineshaft in Dortmund, western Germany during a lunar eclipse
A super blood moon is above a mineshaft in Dortmund, western Germany. Photo: Bernd Thissen/AFP/Getty Images

The moon, Earth and sun lined up last night in a full eclipse — the last until 2021.

Why it matters: During totality, the moon looked red because of sunlight scattering off Earth's atmosphere — a blood moon. And in January, the full moon is also sometimes known as the wolf moon or great spirit moon, the AP reports.

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