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Ina Fried 39 mins ago
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Apple looks to patent yoga calorie counting
An Indian man demonstrating advanced yoga poses in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
An Indian man demonstrating advanced yoga poses in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. (Photo: Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Ever wonder how many calories you are burning doing yoga? Well Apple has applied for a patent for a way to do just that.

Why it matters: The pitch for Apple Watch is being able to measure your exercise, whatever it is and people hate it when their form "doesn't count."

Haley Britzky 2 hours ago
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Rubio takes new gun control positions in intense town hall
Marco Rubio.
Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Sen. Marco Rubio was the lone Republican official to accept an invitation to participate in a CNN town hall with teachers, students and families affected by the mass shooting in Parkland Florida, and he faced intense questioning over his positions on gun control and NRA contributions.

Why it matters: Rubio expressed a new openness to certain gun control proposals. He didn't shift on two big issues — he won't support an assault weapons ban, and he won't pledge to turn down NRA donations. But he did shift on "age limits, mental health checks (HIPPA exemptions), gun violence restraining orders, and limiting the size of magazine clips," per former congressman David Jolly. He also said he doesn't agree with arming teachers, which is something President Trump advocated for Wednesday.

Axios 4 hours ago
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Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton praise Parkland students

After accolades for their bravery and eloquence from Oprah Winfrey and others, the students who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting and have been advocating for gun control since have been praised tonight by Hillary Clinton and the Obamas:

Khorri Atkinson 4 hours ago
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Philadelphia DA ends cash-bail for many non-violent crimes
Philadelphia city hall
A view of Philadelphia's city hall. Photo: Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner on Wednesday said the city will no longer seek bail payment for a number of misdemeanor and non-violent felony crimes, effective immediately. Some of the 25 offenses that will no longer require cash bail are driving while intoxicated, forgery and possession of marijuana.

Why it matters: This comes amid heightened political momentum in some parts of the country such as California, New York and Texas to reduce the use of monetary bail, which justice reform advocates have long decried as unfair to minorities and the poor who are disproportionately affected. Krasner said his move will not only "save the taxpayers money by allowing low-level defendants to maintain their freedom, but it will begin to level the economic and racial playing field in our courtrooms.”

Haley Britzky 6 hours ago
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Police in Broward County, FL to carry AR-15 rifles on school grounds
Police officers are seen in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The sheriff in Broward County, Florida, where 17 high schoolers were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has said deputies will be allowed to carry rifles on school grounds, the Associated Press reports.

The backdrop: At a listening session at the White House on Wednesday, President Trump advocated for armed personnel to be in schools as a way to prevent school shootings.

Haley Britzky 7 hours ago
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Father of Parkland victim: "We as a country have failed our children"

Students and parents who have been affected by gun violence from Columbine, Sandy Hook and the latest school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, among others, came face-to-face with President Trump on Wednesday giving emotional remarks and offering solutions to gun control in the U.S. at a listening session at the White House.

Khorri Atkinson 7 hours ago
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Report: More than 100 girls missing after Boko Haram school attack in Nigeria
A march and vigil in the Nigerian capital of Abuja in memory of the 276 girls Boko Haram kidnapped from their school in 2014. Photo: Henry Chukwuedo / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

More than 100 Nigerian schoolgirls remain missing on Wednesday two days after armed Boko Haram extremists attacked a boarding school in a village located in northern Nigeria, BBC reports.

What happened: The school was raided on Monday, but many students and staff reportedly fled before the militants arrived. A state official said 815 students had returned, out of 926 who attend the school, the BBC reports. This attack comes four years after the Islamic extremist group abducted more than 276 girls from the Chibok boarding school in Nigeria. Some escaped as part of a negotiation between Nigeria’s government and the group, but about 100 of the girls are believed to still be with their captors.

Steve LeVine 8 hours ago
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What happens in an age of "peak human"
Hopping a ride in Jalandhar, India. Photo: Shammi Mehra / AFP / Getty

Earth will have almost 10 billion people by 2050, according to the United Nations, and yet another billion by the turn of the century, creating a substrate of tension under climate change, aging, and automation. But Vienna-based demographers say these forecasts overstate the population trend. Instead, they say, we are headed for a population plateau and decline — in short, "peak human."

Axios 8 hours ago
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Trump on ending gun violence: "We're going to get it done"

President Trump hosted a listening session on Wednesday with students and parents affected by gun violence across the country. He advocated for teachers to have a concealed carry license, as well as proper training, to keep guns on them while at school to prevent future shootings from happening.

Quote"If you had a teacher who is adept at firearms you very well could end it very quickly."
— Trump on preventing future school shootings
Stef W. Kight 9 hours ago
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Reports of suicide attempts skyrocket in Puerto Rico

The number of hotline calls reporting suicide attempts in Puerto Rico nearly tripled after Hurricane Maria hit the region last September. The suicide rate is now the highest it's been in four years, following a historic low in 2016, according to data from Puerto Rico's Department of Health and reporting by El Nuevo Dia.

Data: Puerto Rico Commission for Suicide Prevention; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios

Why it matters: It will take Puerto Rico years to fully recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria — it's already taken several months just to restore power and provide clean water to most of the island. Julio Santana Mariño, a psychology professor at Universidad Carlos Albizu, told Vox, "when you add the stress of more than five months without power, without food, living patterns change ... it makes it harder for people to manage daily life."