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Angela Merkel's mission to China

Xi and Merkel. Photo: Jason Lee/AFP/Getty Images

The world’s most powerful woman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, went to meet the world’s most powerful man, Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Thursday.

Why it matters: The trip comes as a deepening estrangement between Europe and the U.S. is reshaping Germany’s choices and challenges on the world stage. Only 14% of Germans think the U.S. is a reliable partner these days, according to a recent poll. More than 40%, meanwhile, now see China in a positive light. 

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The states with the most expensive gas prices

The average gas price nationwide is at almost $3 a gallon — the highest it's been in four years — and for those planning summer road trips, here are the states to avoid if you're looking for cheap gasoline.

Data: AAA; Cartogram: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Between the lines: Axios' energy reporter Amy Harder explains that while there is evidence that President Trump is at least a partial contributor to the rise in gas prices, other factors such as OPEC and Russia, which decided to cut oil production this year, and varying state taxes also have impacted prices.

Axios 1 hour ago
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Mueller's web: Everyone caught up in the Russia investigation

There's been such a flood of stories about who Robert Mueller has interviewed for his Russia investigation — and who's been charged in connection with it — that it can be easy to lose track. Here's a map to help you keep every move straight.

How it works: The map starts with the people who participated in key events and the ones who have been charged. Expand this story and you'll see the rest, including current and former Trump administration officials and the people with more distant connections.