Why it matters: The U.S. faces a range of health care flashpoints — unaffordable drugs, opioids, vaping — as we debate whether to adopt universal care. For now, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, but Republicans want to issue it a final death blow.

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Judge temporarily blocks Wyoming abortion ban

 Abortion rights protesters during a proteston June 24, 2022 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Erica Pandey
4 hours ago - Health

Finish Line: The link between posture and confidence

Illustration of the "Thinker" statue with an angry spiral over his head.
Tina Reed
13 hours ago - Health

Biden administration to revamp organ transplant program

Biden administration rejects "march-in" request to lower drug price

Caitlin Owens
20 hours ago - Health

Republicans' COVID vaccine tightrope

Arielle Dreher
20 hours ago - Health

Nonprofit, government hospitals charge more than for-profit facilities for brain imaging: study

Illustration of a hundred dollar bill with a brain in place of Benjamin Franklin
Rebecca Falconer
24 hours ago - Health

DHS launches major border operation targeting fentanyl trafficking

A US Customs and Border Protection agent weighs a package of Fentanyl at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on October 2, 2019 in San Ysidro, California.
Shawna Chen
Updated Mar 21, 2023 - Health

Oklahoma Supreme Court: State constitution grants "limited right" to abortion

Tina Reed
Mar 21, 2023 - Health

Drug shortages upend hospitals care, cancer treatments

Illustration of 5 vaccine bottles, 4 are empty.
Arielle Dreher
Mar 21, 2023 - Health

Drug-resistant fungus gained strength during pandemic: CDC

Illustration of a hand holding a petri dish with a shield made from fungi in the dish.