Stories by Ina Fried

Google walkout leaders claim they have faced company retribution

In this image, a large crowd of people walk towards a Google office during a walkout protest
Google employees protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct claims in November 2018. Photo: Mason Trinca/Getty Images

Two leaders of the 2018 employee walkout at Google over sexual harassment claims say they have faced retaliation for their activism, a charge Google is denying.

What's happening: According to Wired, Meredith Whittaker was told that her role would be "changed dramatically" following uproar around a since-disbanded external AI ethics board. Whittaker, who leads Google's open research efforts, also helps run the AI Now Institute, which she co-founded at NYU.

Samsung officially delays Galaxy Fold

Samsung's Galaxy Fold
Photo: Samsung

Samsung said Monday it is officially delaying this week's planned release of the $2,000 foldable smartphone after some reviewers' devices failed in just days.

Why it matters: The Galaxy Fold is an effort to create a new category of smartphone, but unique hardware often comes with fresh challenges, as appears to be the case here.

Microsoft employee questions its diversity efforts

Microsoft made headlines last week after Quartz reported that some inside the company have been questioning the value of diversity efforts.

What's happening: In posts to an internal discussion forum, according to Quartz, a female program manager at Microsoft knocked the company for a policy she says "financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices," adding that she's referring to incentives given to senior management for hiring those who aren't Asian or white men.