Stories by Ina Fried

Google debuts Pixel 4, other hardware

Pixel 4 phones
Screenshot: Google

Google unveiled its Pixel 4 smartphone and other new Made By Google hardware at an event Tuesday morning in New York City. Other products included a cheaper Pixelbook, more capable mesh WiFi system and a preview of new Google Buds earbuds coming next year.

Why it matters: Google intends for the Pixel to directly compete with Apple's iPhone and, while past versions have received positive reviews, it remains a relatively minor player in the smartphone market.

What politicians can and can't say on Facebook

A caricature of a man holds a phone with the facebook logo in the background.
Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images

Facebook may be giving political figures free rein to make false claims, but that doesn't mean they can say anything.

What they can't say: They can't misstate details about the voting process, such as when an election is taking place, the rules or how to vote.

Elizabeth Warren declares open season on Facebook's false ad policy

The Facebook "like" button crossing its fingers.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

An ad by Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign that says Facebook has endorsed President Trump (before admitting the claim is a lie) is having its intended effect: raising tough questions about Facebook's policy of allowing politicians to make any claims they want.

Why it matters: Facebook has spent much of the last 2 years talking about its efforts to protect elections. But while Facebook is cracking down on foreign interference and deliberate voter suppression, it is giving political candidates carte blanche to distort and deceive.