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Why it matters: President Biden has made the COVID-19 crisis and a post-Trump return to national unity and traditional democratic ideals his top priorities. From vaccinations to stimulus to schools, Biden is seeking bipartisan compromise while showing a willingness to use executive authority and bare Democratic majorities in the U.S. House and Senate to implement his policies. Republican leaders are navigating deep party divisions over if and how to move beyond former President Trump.

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Ivana Saric
Updated 1 hour ago - World

Zelensky visits Washington as GOP remains divided on Ukraine aid

Congress leaves for weekend with no shutdown solution in sight

Nearly half of voters believe Biden broke law in regards to son Hunter: poll

Barak Ravid
3 hours ago - World

Top nuclear experts urge Biden to not allow Saudi uranium enrichment in mega-deal

House GOP again fails to advance Pentagon funding, deepening spending crisis

Trump lobs new grenade into GOP's government shutdown debate

Democrats are on a special election winning streak

Taylor Swift snags 35,000 new registered voters

Judge, 96, suspended over refusal to comply with order on mental fitness tests

Rebecca Falconer
Updated 17 hours ago - World

MBS on Saudi Arabia normalizing ties with Israel: "Every day we get closer"