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Paul Whelan's brother says Biden "made the right choice" with Griner swap

Axios AM Climate Truths: Future of climate tech

Herb Scribner
Dec 10, 2022 - World

Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner calls Ukraine war "insane and criminal"

Herb Scribner
Dec 10, 2022 - World

Ukrainian city of Bakhmut now in "ruins" after Russian attack: Zelensky

Kevin de León's LA City Council return results in walk out by several members

Herb Scribner
Dec 10, 2022 - World

Jimmy Lai, pro-democracy tycoon, sentenced to 5 years in Hong Kong prison

Biden’s potential first veto

Axios Power Players: 200 influential people making a mark locally

Noah Bressner
Updated Dec 10, 2022 - Economy & Business

Sam Bankman-Fried will testify before House committee next Tuesday

Alayna Treene
Updated Dec 9, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Why Kyrsten Sinema left the Democratic Party

Ex-Minneapolis officer sentenced to 3.5 years over George Floyd charges

Kyrsten Sinema goes independent, scrambles Senate

Herb Scribner
Dec 9, 2022 - World

Putin: More prisoner swaps with U.S. "possible" after Griner-Bout exchange

Erin Alberty
Dec 9, 2022 - News

Climate change sets back Winter Olympics decision for Salt Lake City

How ChatGPT could disrupt the business of search

Mortgage rates are falling

Brittney Griner lands in U.S. after prisoner swap with Russia

Microsoft's new antitrust nightmare

Dan Primack
Dec 9, 2022 - Technology

VA official hopes laid-off tech workers will take on a new mission

Victoria Knight
Dec 9, 2022 - Health

What happens when the COVID national emergency ends

Portable lavatories go upscale

Rebecca Falconer
Dec 9, 2022 - World

Peru's impeached former president asks Mexico for asylum

Ivana Saric
Updated Dec 9, 2022 - World

Brittney Griner released in prisoner swap for Russian arms dealer

Ina Fried
Dec 9, 2022 - Technology

Musk's second "Twitter Files" claims "secret blacklists"

Mike D'Onofrio
Dec 9, 2022 - News

"Boy in Box" identified as police hope to revive case

Axios Finish Line: Why you should start a company

Marjorie Taylor Greene's MAGA power play

Inside the Herschel Walker campaign fiasco

Right-wing demand list further complicates McCarthy's speaker bid