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ACA ruling tosses "political bomb" into Trump's 2020 re-election bid

Nancy Pelosi points to a poster about the GOP attacking pre-existing conditions
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) gestures during a news conference condemning the Trump administration's targeting of the Affordable Care Act. Photo: Toya Sarno Jordan/Getty Images

"An explosive court ruling to wipe out Obamacare has revived the acrimonious health care battle in Washington and tossed a political bomb in President Trump’s lap as he gears up to run for re-election," Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur writes.

The big picture: "The case may not be resolved in the courts before 2020, legal experts said, which could make it a defining issue in the race for the White House and Congress...Democrats immediately jumped on the Friday night ruling to warn that health care coverage for millions of Americans was at stake."

Amazon rethinks bulky, hard-to-ship products with thin profit margins

AmazonFresh warehouse
AmazonFresh warehouse. Photo: Monika Skolimowska/picture alliance via Getty Images

Amazon has trained us "to buy everything from major appliances to daily staples online. Now it is having second thoughts about some of those sales because they don’t make money," according to The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens, Sharon Terlep and Annie Gasparro.

"Inside Amazon, the items are known as CRaP, short for 'Can’t Realize a Profit...Think bottled beverages or snack foods. The products tend to be priced at $15 or less, are sold directly by Amazon, and are heavy or bulky and therefore costly to ship — characteristics that make for thin or nonexistent margins."

Stocks, bonds and commodities all fared poorly in 2018

Stock trader looking at screen
Photo: Drew Angerer via Getty Images

"For the first time in decades, every major type of investment has fared poorly, as the outlook for economic growth and corporate profits is dampened by rising trade tensions and interest rates," the N.Y. Times' Matt Phillips writes.

Why it matters: "Most years, financial markets are a mixed bag. A bad year for risky investments, like stocks, might be a great one for safe bets like government bonds. Or, if worries about inflation are hurting bond investments, commodities like gold tend to do well." But now, stocks "around the world are getting pummeled, while commodities and bonds are tumbling — all of which have left investors with few places to put their money."

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