Tuesday's top stories

Erin Doherty
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Student loan repayment pause extended through June 2023 by White House

President Joe Biden delivers brief remarks during the Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn of the White House on July 12, 2022
Jacob Knutson
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Supreme Court clears way for House Democrats to get Trump tax returns

Former President Trump in Dallas in August 2022.

Veteran hailed a hero in Colorado shooting says he did what he was trained to do

Richard Fierro, with his brother Ed by his side, talks about the night of the shooting outside of his home on November 21, 2022 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Ivana Saric
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - World

Hundreds killed in earthquake on Indonesia's Java island

A man stands beside damaged houses following an earthquake in Cianjur on November 21

Truth Social and Parler in limbo as Elon Musk forges ahead

Kanye West and a Parler logo
Sam Sabin
Nov 22, 2022 - Technology

Retail braces for wave of holiday phishing, ransomware scams

Illustration of a paper bag with handles held by a fishing hook on a line
Ivana Saric
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - Health

Fauci appears at last White House COVID briefing before retirement

Anthony Fauci gives an update on the Omicron COVID-19 variant during the daily press briefing

The U.S. and China hold the world's climate future in their hands

Illustration of a green round table with the Earth as the top of the table.
Ivana Saric
Nov 22, 2022 - Sports

Saudi Arabia shocks Argentina in huge World Cup upset

Lionel Messi during Argentina's 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Disney just revealed how not to do a CEO succession plan

Illustration of two cartoon hands: one making a thumbs-up, the other making a thumbs-down.
Sara Fischer
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - Economy & Business

Twitter tech glitches mount as staffers depart

Illustration of a hashtag with a downward arrow.

America shrugs off its twindemic

Illustration of a person with a suitcase walking towards a door with a large warning sign above it.
Sara Fischer
Nov 22, 2022 - Technology

Media layoffs spike amid recession fears

Illustration of two cursor hands holding a box full of office supplies.

The coming Moon economy

Illustration of a U.S. quarter with moon texture glowing in the starry night sky

Americans are flocking to restaurants this Thanksgiving

Illustration of turkey legs poking out of a styrofoam takeout box.
Alayna Alvarez
Updated Nov 22, 2022 - Politics & Policy

What we know about the 5 Club Q shooting victims

Axios Finish Line: How to disagree at the dinner table

Illustration of an extended metal arm with boxing glove grasping a fork

Capitol Police officer's suicide after Jan. 6 ruled a line-of-duty death

Pelosi throws down gauntlet for aging leaders

Illustration of a gavel made of gold.

Bob Iger announces restructuring at Disney, top media exec to depart