Tuesday's top stories

Scoop: Senate eyes changes to gay marriage bill

Senate passes bill to help veterans exposed to burn pits

Democrats propose legislation to block Trump's Schedule F plans

Five states hold primaries in big tests for Trump

Oriana González
Updated Aug 2, 2022 - Health

Biden's DOJ sues Idaho over near-total abortion ban

Dave Lawler
Updated Aug 2, 2022 - World

Pelosi lands in Taiwan despite warnings from Beijing

The problem with forecasting Manchin's Inflation Reduction Act

Mexico chases stolen artifacts — by asking nicely for them

BuzzFeed goes to court against ex-employees

Pelosi's Taiwan visit has echoes of 1996 crisis

Gap between monkeypox vaccine demand, supply dire in hotspot cities

We haven't built for this climate

Life after cookies leaves ad industry in chaos

Poll: Over half of U.S. voters say abortion is "very important" for midterms elections

Arielle Dreher
Aug 2, 2022 - Health

Back-to-school, back to outbreaks

The summer of sharing: People are renting their boats, pools and more

Rebecca Falconer
Updated Aug 2, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Top Dems allege evidence of cover-up in DHS IG Secret Service texts probe

Shawna Chen
Updated Aug 2, 2022 - World

Biden: "Justice has been delivered" with death of al-Qaeda leader

The power of friendships between poor kids and rich kids

Sareen Habeshian
Updated Aug 2, 2022 - Health

California, Illinois declare health emergency over monkeypox outbreak