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Fake meat fad hits the chopping block

Illustration of a burger patty on a flat top grill with grill marks in the shape of the Western hemisphere

Top general says U.S. failed to detect previous Chinese balloons

For Syrians, quake is "another devastating blow"

Residents retrieve an injured man from the rubble of a collapsed building following an earthquake in the town of Jandaris, Syria, on February 6, 2023.

The congressional China-EV showdown

Illustration of a person standing between a US and Chinese flag.

Women report stunning levels of discrimination

Tech giants rush to put chatbot to work

Animated gif of a computer screen that reads "A.I" with the "I" as a blinking cursor

Washington turns hostile on crypto

Illustration of a bald eagle flying down to grab a golden coin with binary code

Mapped: 2022's lightning strikes

Black history booms as states restrict it

Illustration of a flower made of text pages that is sprouting from cracked asphalt.
Sara Fischer
Updated Feb 6, 2023 - Economy & Business

Beyoncé makes history with most Grammy wins ever