Why it matters: A look at the scientific breakthroughs changing the world, explorations in space and in worlds beyond our own and the threats posed to us by our own planet, both out of our control and of our own making.

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Andrew Freedman
Updated 8 hours ago - Energy & Environment

Tropical Storm Ophelia drenches Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic

Miriam Kramer
Updated 13 hours ago - Science

Watch NASA return its largest asteroid sample to Earth this weekend

Alison Snyder
16 hours ago - Science

Powerful X-rays are opening up "impossible" science

Ivana Saric
Sep 22, 2023 - Science

Earth's sixth mass extinction is underway and "rapidly accelerating," study warns

Jacob Knutson
Sep 19, 2023 - Science

NASA's Curiosity reaches ridge formed in Mars' watery past

Jacob Knutson
Sep 19, 2023 - Science

NASA shares unprecedented view of moon's south pole region

Miriam Kramer
Sep 19, 2023 - Science

How to live in space

First Latina in space hopes video games inspire STEM interest in kids

Hyped up alien claims risk undermining future ET discoveries

Ohio, "birthplace" of aviation, to become "flying taxis" manufacturing hub