Monday's top stories

Trump says G7 summit will be delayed until after the election

California judge orders Uber, Lyft to reclassify drivers as employees

Aug 10, 2020 - Health

The winter from hell

Person wearing a mask in the snow
Orion Rummler
Aug 10, 2020 - Health

At least 48 local public health leaders have quit or been fired during pandemic

Gov. Gavin Newsom stands behind Dr. Sonia Angell

House will not hold votes until Sept. 14 unless stimulus deal is reached

Trump says he'll accept nomination at White House or Gettysburg

Dave Lawler
Aug 10, 2020 - World

Lebanon's prime minister resigns in wake of deadly explosion

Zachary Basu
Updated Aug 10, 2020 - World

Protests erupt in Belarus after "Europe's last dictator" claims election win

Protesters and riot police clash during a protest against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's claim of a landslide victory on August 9, 2020 in Minsk, Belarus.

Twitter jumps into the fray for TikTok

Money signs in the TikTok font.

McDonald's sues former CEO, alleging he lied about relationships with employees

Steve Easterbrook.

The transformation of the Fed

Illustration of the raging bull.
Kendall Baker
Aug 10, 2020 - Sports

The college football season is on the brink

An illustration of a hand erasing Xs and Os on a chalkboard.

Uber CEO proposes "benefits funds" for gig workers

The Uber CEO.

Trump tries to set a tax trap for Biden

Tech's reluctant road to taking on Trump

Animated illustration of wiggling Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat with a delete button
Kendall Baker
Aug 10, 2020 - Sports

The cost of kids losing gym class

Illustration of a child looking forlorn with an abandoned soccer ball in the background
Caitlin Owens
Aug 10, 2020 - Health

How to do smarter coronavirus testing

Illustration of gloved hand holding test tube with checkmarks
Rebecca Falconer
Updated Aug 10, 2020 - World

China announces retaliatory sanctions on Rubio, Cruz and other U.S. officials

A combination photo of Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

Biden’s union push could force showdown with Elon Musk

Photo illustration of Elon Musk and Joe Biden facing each other with a colorful background
Fadel Allassan
Updated Aug 10, 2020 - World

2 Lebanese ministers and 9 lawmakers resign days after deadly explosion

Lebanon protesters
Rebecca Falconer
Aug 10, 2020 - Health

97,000 children test positive for coronavirus in two weeks

A boy has his temperature checked as he receives a free COVID-19 test in Los Angeles
Rebecca Falconer
Aug 10, 2020 - Health

New York reports new low positive coronavirus test rate

People sit on tables, respecting social distancing at Times Square as New York City enters phase two of reopening June 22