White House press briefings

Trump: I've told Sarah Sanders "not to bother" with press briefings

President Trump said in a Tuesday tweet that he's directed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders "not to bother" with press briefings because "certain members of the press" cover her "rudely" and "inaccurately."

The big picture: The current 35-day streak without a press briefing from the White House podium is the longest on record since the tradition started during President Bill Clinton's administration, according to ABC News' Alex Mallin. White House Correspondents' Association President Olivier Knox said in a response that "no one in a healthy republic is above being questioned."

White House asks federal agencies to contribute to border wall funding

Sarah Sanders wears a quote while being interview outside the White House
Sarah Sanders. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Trump has asked every federal agency to contribute to the $5 billion in border wall funding he has demanded from Congress to avoid shutting the government down, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters on Tuesday.

The big picture: Last week, Trump said he'd be "proud" to shut down the government over funding for the border wall. But Sanders said the administration is now hoping they can prevent a shutdown by securing funding from elsewhere. Lawmakers have until Friday to pass a funding bill that will keep the government open.

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