Unbundling real estate

 Illustration of a house broken up into pieces
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

There's a lot of risk in real estate. Just owning it, of course, is the main risk. It can work out well for people lucky enough to be able to put a small down payment on a house before it soars in value.

Why it matters: Real estate can also cause a global financial crisis, should millions of Americans find themselves underwater on their mortgages.

WeWork discloses earnings, CEO discloses why it might go public

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

WeWork on Wednesday disclosed another quarter of rapid growth and large losses, its first earnings report since confidentially filing for an IPO, with co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann telling Axios that his company has a much different story to tell than Uber or Lyft.

Why it matters: WeWork has revolutionized commercial office space globally, but some investors are skeptical that it can ever turn a profit, let alone justify a valuation that venture capitalists last put at $47 billion.