Acadia Healthcare fires CEO Joey Jacobs

Behavioral health provider Acadia Healthcare has fired CEO and board chairman Joey Jacobs and replaced him with Debbie Osteen, who works at competitor Universal Health Services. Acadia and Reeve Waud, a private equity executive who is now Acadia's board chairman, declined to comment beyond the press release.

Background: Three weeks ago, we covered how Acadia's business, under the watch of Jacobs and Waud, has been filled with red flags. Over the past few years, Acadia saddled itself with huge amounts of debt, and top executive insiders sold off stock in droves.

How long it would take your state to pay off its credit card debt

Data:; Cartogram: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

A report released this week by revealed that an American household would need about 13 months to pay off the average credit card debt of $8,195.

One key finding: After New Mexico, the 10 states with the highest credit card debt burdens due to low income are all in the South: Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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