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Podcast: The hypocrisy of social impact investing

Dan talks more about the financial bust within the college admissions scandal from last week with Axios chief financial correspondent Felix Salmon. Also, in the "Final Two," Dan dives into social media's New Zealand problem and why Silicon Valley may fall in love with Beto.

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Lyft files first for IPO in litmus test for the industry

Illustration of Lyft app with ride request for "Lyft HQ to Wall Street."
Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

An exit is on the way for one of Silicon Valley's highest-profile minotaurs, as Lyft filed today for an IPO.

By the numbers, via Axios' Kia Kokalitcheva: In 2018, Lyft had $8.1 billion in bookings, $2.2 billion in revenue, $911.3 million in losses, and more than 1 billion total rides. It had 30.7 million riders and 1.9 million drivers. Lyft roughly doubled its revenue per rider over the past 2 years, from $18.53 to $36.04. The share of ride revenue Lyft keeps has grown over time, hitting 28.7% in Q4 2018.