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Three native Utah flowers for fall gardening

White daisy flowers bloom in front of red trumpet-shaped flowers.
Blackfoot Daisies and Firechalice grow in Erin's parking strip. Photo: Erin Alberty/Axios

Fall is an underrated season for flower gardening. Plants adjust better when they're not blooming, and winter precipitation helps them get established.

State of play: That means now is a good time to start thinking about landscape plants.

No weekend plans? Here's what to do in Salt Lake City Aug. 12-14

Illustration of a switch with a briefcase icon, shifting from on to off.
Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

From hot air balloons to dinosaurs, check out these fun events happening in Salt Lake County this weekend.

1. Sandy Balloon Festival

What's happening: Witness a different kind of rainbow in the sky at Sandy's annual hot air balloon festival.

Erin Alberty
Aug 11, 2022 - News

Marc Harrison is stepping down as Intermountain Healthcare CEO

Headshot of Marc Harrison, Intermountain CEO
Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare CEO (Photo: Courtesy of Intermountain Healthcare)

Intermountain Healthcare CEO Marc Harrison is stepping down after six years leading Utah's biggest health care system.

Why it matters: Intermountain is where at least half of Utahns get their healthcare.

Salt Lake City OB-GYN refutes council member's floating baby claims

A screenshot of a tweet by Salt Lake Council member David Alvord.
A screenshot via Twitter.

Salt Lake County Council member Dave Alvord is facing backlash on Twitter over inaccurate medical claims he posted in regard to how fetuses are developed in the womb.

Background: Alvord, a Republican who served as mayor of South Jordan, said babies are not part of women's bodies and claimed umbilical cords and placentas do not connect to women.

Kim Bojórquez
Aug 11, 2022 - News

Salt Lake County works with LGBTQ groups on monkeypox messaging

Illustration of a hand holding a syringe underneath a giant red dot.
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

The Salt Lake County Health Department is working with LGBTQ rights organizations to frame public health messaging around the spread of monkeypox and the availability of vaccines.

Driving the news: While U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has urged every American to take monkeypox seriously, the outbreak has disproportionately impacted men who have sex with men.

Kim Bojórquez
Aug 10, 2022 - News

Here's where Salt Lake City millennials go when they leave

Note: The analysis includes U.S. Social Security Number holders born 1984–1992 measuring their childhood locations at age 16 and young adult locations at age 26; Data: Center for Economic Studies, et al., 2022, "The Radius of Opportunity: Evidence from Migration and Local Labor Markets"; Chart: Skye Witley/Axios

About a quarter of young adults who grew up in Salt Lake City packed their bags and moved to other parts of the state or the West Coast by the age of 26, according to census data.

Details: Axios looked at a Center of Economic Studies analysis of census migration data comparing where Salt Lake City residents lived at the age of 16 to where they moved by 26.

Erin Alberty
Aug 10, 2022 - News

Economic class-crossing friendships are unusually common in Utah

Animated illustration of two halves of a sad face pendant on necklace chains gravitating towards each other and turning into a united smiley face
Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

Lower-income Utahns have more higher-income friends than do residents of almost any other state, according to a study published last week in the journal Nature.

Why it matters: Children from low-income families who have wealthier friends are more likely to have economic mobility as adults, the study found.

Kim Bojórquez
Aug 10, 2022 - News

Lions Not Sheep founder denies FTC's phony "Made in USA" tags claims

A man carries a flag with the phrase "Lions Not Sheep" at the People's Convoy in Hagerstown, Maryland, on March 5. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Sean Whalen, owner and founder of Lions Not Sheep, is calling "complete and utter bull—" on the FTC's latest claims.

Context: In May, the federal commission alleged the Utah-based apparel company removed "Made in China" tags from their products and replaced them with "Made in USA" labels.