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It's Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

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Situational awareness: This is your last newsletter of the week as we all enjoy the holiday. Gobble gobble, and we'll see you Monday!

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1 big thing: Edison House set to open

Edison House set to open in Salt Lake City.

Courtesy of Edison House

Edison House, a membership-only social club, is coming to downtown Salt Lake City.

Yes, and: Axios got a sneak peek of the 30,000-square-foot space before its Dec. 5 opening date.

Details: For $225 a month and a $500 onboarding fee, Edison House members will have unlimited access to the three-story clubhouse and access to exclusive social events.

  • Located at 335 South 200 W, it will feature a boutique fitness center, a rooftop pool, four bars and a restaurant.

State of play: The social club was founded by Salt Lake City natives and brothers George Cardon-Bystry and Charlie Cardon.

  • "We're younger, more dynamic, more progressive," Cardon-Bystry said. "We are not your grandfather's country club."
  • It aims to further Salt Lake City's nightlife, which has not kept up with its rapid population growth, he said.
Edison House lounge and bar.
Edison House lounge and bar. Photo: Kim Bojórquez

Zoom in: "It's exciting to see Salt Lake City jumping on the trend of a more youth-based social club scene that you'd see in Soho House," said Zack Bates, CEO of Private Club Marketing, which provides consulting services for private clubs.

  • He said Utah's capital is becoming increasingly attractive to young professionals for being business-friendly and for its affordability compared to top-tier cities like New York and Los Angeles.

How it works: Edison House memberships require a yearlong commitment. Members are vetted through an application process, interview and committee review.

Between the lines: Lauren Boyack, Edison House's head of membership, said they are trying to be more inclusive of women, people of color and the LGBTQ community than traditional golf-centered country clubs.

  • While there are many similarities to Soho House, Boyack noted the club seeks members from various industries.
  • It offers discounted member sponsorships to make the community "more inclusive and dynamic," according to its website.

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2. 🎼 Salt Lake's mariachi prodigies

A girl in a colorful dress with a hoop skirt sings in front of children in an elementary school gymnasium.

Kaylee Bucio, 11, sings in front of an admiring audience at Emerson Elementary in Salt Lake City. Photo: Erin Alberty/Axios

Erin here! Utah is home to a disproportionate number of children and, arguably, an unusual density of talent in the performing arts.

  • So when I went to an elementary school festival earlier this month, maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised to stumble upon the best child singers I've ever heard.

What's happening: Salt Lake County is home to two rising stars of mariachi, and they are just 11 and 12 years old.

  • But if they were 18 and 19, I still would have fallen out of my chair when they started singing.

Details: Kimberly Jaramillo, 12, sounds like a Disney princess come to life. Little girls in the front row were literally reaching up in adoration, trying to touch her flowing skirts as she sang.

  • Accordingly, the Magna singer is now recording an album of Disney songs in mariachi style.
  • Her father, also a musician, began taking her to band practices when she was about 5, she said. "He showed me my first mariachi song: La Chancla," Jaramillo told Axios.

Meanwhile: Kaylee Bucio and her enormous voice burst onto the national stage three years ago. At age 8, she was named grand champion of the prestigious Mariachi Vargas competition in San Antonio.

  • Bucio said her mom noticed she could recognize and repeat melodies before she was a year old, and she began studying when she was 4.
  • The West Jordan tween also has recordings on Amazon and has performed around the country. You should watch this kid work a crowd.

Singers in action

3. Fry sauce: Feast on these headlines

Illustration of a slice of pumpkin pie with the Axios logo.

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

🏘 Utah's housing market saw the nation's biggest drop in home sales last month. (

🗳 Salt Lake City's west side voters turned out at a significantly lower rate in the 2022 election than east siders did. (

  • Analysts cited socioeconomic factors and noted the west side had fewer voting centers and only one dropbox for ballots.

Dozens of families were left homeless after a massive fire Tuesday at a new affordable-housing apartment building in Richfield. (KUTV)

🎓 USU president Noelle Cockett announced her resignation Tuesday. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

  • It's unclear why she resigned or whether the board of trustees requested her to.
  • Her tenure has been marked by multiple high-profile allegations of sexual assault and mishandled investigations.

4. 😋 Our Thanksgiving treats

A half-eaten pie sits in front of a half-eaten turkey.

A Blue Hubbard chiffon pie meets its demise. Photo: Erin Alberty/Axios

The big day is almost here, and we're looking forward to our families' traditional feasts. Here's a favorite from each of us!

Erin's pick: Blue Hubbard chiffon pie is pumpkin pie for people who don't love it (and I actually like pumpkin pie).

  • The lightness of a chiffon's whipped egg whites lets the floral, fruity notes of Blue Hubbard squash shine through — and even if you use plain ol' canned pumpkin, it loses that dense, squashy taste.
  • Pie tip: Brush a very thin layer of melted white chocolate over the cooling crust to keep the pastry from soaking up the filling.

Kim's pick: This year, my family plans to make a Guatemalan-inspired vegetable medley as a side dish.

  • The dish is made with a smoky recado, or sauce, that contains dried guajillo and poblano chilis, bell peppers, and roasted pumpkin and sesame seeds.
  • I love eating it by itself or on a freshly baked dinner roll.

As for Ross, his is a Thanksgiving classic of mac 'n' cheese.

🥧 Erin is clearing counter space to roll out her pie crusts.

🦃 Kim is almost done with her grocery shopping.

This newsletter was edited by Ross Terrell and copyedited by Natasha Smith.