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Alex Golden
1 hour ago - News

4 city council items to watch in NWA

photo of rogers city hall
Where decisions get made. Photo: Alex Golden/Axios

We have a sneaking suspicion some of you aren't religiously attending your city council’s meetings or looking at the agendas. That’s why we keep an eye out.

  • Here are 4 highlights on deck for today’s meetings in Bentonville and Rogers.

1. Bentonville Library could get a boost.

Worth Sparkman
1 hour ago - News

Traffic deaths are up. Here's how to make Arkansas roads safer

Data: Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety; Map: Jared Whalen/Axios

Arkansas is in the middle of the road compared to other states when it comes to enacting laws to make driving safer and reduce traffic deaths.

Why it matters: Action is needed to make roadways safer as traffic deaths climb at record rates despite fewer miles being driven, according to a new report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Top shelf steak at Doe's Eat Place in Fayetteville

A plate with a steak and french fries.
The Queen cut filet from Doe's Eat Place in Fayetteville. Photo: Worth Sparkman/Axios

My wife and I recently had dinner at Doe's Eat Place in Fayetteville. It can be tricky writing about a place with a long history, but here goes.

Flashback: Doe's hails from Greenville, Miss., where it was established in 1941.

  • Both the Fayetteville and Bentonville locations have been open for more than 20 years.
Worth Sparkman
2 hours ago - News

Input sought on Arkansas' new monument protection law

A generic confederate soldier statue that formerly was in the center of the Bentonville square.
The confederate soldier statue that formerly was in the center of the Bentonville square. Photo: Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty images

The public is invited to provide input on proposed rules for the Arkansas State Capitol and Historical Monument Protection Act of 2021, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette first reported.

Why it matters: Some of the historical monuments the legislation seeks to protect celebrate the Confederacy. Many see these as embracing the violent, racist ideology that drove the Civil War.

  • Calls for the removal of Confederate monuments have gained momentum across the country since the murder of George Floyd in 2020.
Worth Sparkman
Jan 24, 2022 - News

U of A researcher finds exercise could reverse aging

Animated illustration of a clock hand in the shape of a person spinning counterclockwise
Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

The fountain of youth might just be the one you sip from after a workout.

What's happening: Exercise could mitigate, or even reverse, the aging process in muscles, a recent study co-authored by University of Arkansas' Kevin Murach suggests.

Fayetteville coffee shop serves a must-try latte

cup of coffee with milk and cream in a pattern on top
The oat lavender latte is the way to go. Photo: Alex Golden/Axios

Fayetteville has a hidden gem of a coffee shop no one told me about. But I won’t keep such a secret.

The scene: Old Pine Coffee Roasters is tucked away in a strip mall on Mall Avenue across from Noodles Italian Kitchen.

Hot homes: 3 houses for sale in NW Arkansas starting at $345K

exterior of a house
This newbuild is for sale in east Fayetteville. Photo courtesy of Keller Williams

From a mountain biker's dream spot to a low-maintenance lake home, here are three cool homes on the market right now.

Alex Golden
Jan 21, 2022 - COVID

Arkansas is lagging in getting kids vaccinated

Note: Data is not shown for states in which the county was unknown for at least 10% of the children vaccinated in that state, or where children vaccination data was unavailable; Reproduced from a KHN analysis of CDC and NCHS data. Chart: Axios Visuals

A higher rate of kids in NWA are vaccinated against COVID-19 than most of the state, but the vast majority remain unvaccinated.

Why it matters: Children can become very ill if they contract COVID-19, health experts, including state health secretary José Romero, have said. They've stressed the vaccine is the best defense against the virus.