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Kristal Dixon
2 hours ago - News

New elementary school to open in Midtown Atlanta

The former Inman Middle School
The former Inman Middle School in Virginia-Highland will serve as the new Midtown Elementary School in 2023. Credit: Kristal Dixon/Axios

Despite opposition from parents, the Atlanta Board of Education approved a plan to open a new elementary school in Midtown that will shuffle hundreds of students.

Driving the news: Board members on Monday voted to use the former Inman Middle School to house a new school that would serve kindergarten through fifth grade students.

Thomas Wheatley
2 hours ago - News

Five Points' extreme makeover

An aerial rendering of MARTA's Five Points station with a greener plaza and no large concrete canopy
One of more than a dozen concepts MARTA is considering to replace the Five Points station. Rendering: Courtesy of MARTA

MARTA's Five Points station will shake off its hulking canopy — the one with the sign that seemingly hasn't worked for years — as part of a $200 million facelift.

Why it matters: After over 40 years, the Downtown hub — the only station where all rail lines converge — needs an update to serve riders and take advantage of a wave of development interest washing over the neighborhood.

Sweet Auburn building saved from demolition, for now

229 auburn building
The vacant building at 229 Auburn Avenue once housed the Atlanta State Savings Bank and the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Credit: Atlanta Preservation Center

Developers of a project along Auburn Avenue have reversed course and say they now intend to preserve the building where Georgia’s first Black banking company was established.

Driving the news: Joel Reed of Gorman & Company, a partner on the Sweet Auburn Grande Project, told the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association on Tuesday that the team would explore how to incorporate the three-story building at 229 Auburn Avenue into the project.

Michael Graff
Aug 11, 2022 - News

Scalini's Italian Restaurant closes after 40 years

Illustration of a sad eggplant holding a suitcase and tearfully waving goodbye.
Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

It's been a sad week in Smyrna. Scalini's Italian Restaurant — the eatery with eggplant parmigiana that would send women to labor within 48 hours of eating it — announced its closure on Monday after 40 years in business.

Why it matters: It's nice to know there are still places in this data-driven world where legends are built on beliefs — even if it's the belief that eggplant, ricotta and sauce is all a baby needs to be convinced it's time to say hello.

Details: Scalini's says its sister restaurant, Provino's — which has been open since 1977 — will carry on. Provino's has the same eggplant parmigiana dish, even if it's not as famous.

What they're saying: People poured onto Scalini's Facebook page this week to share stories of first dates that led to marriages, birthday parties that became birthday traditions and, of course, of the babies.

  • "My 19 yr old Navy soldier is on the wall. She is a Scalini's baby," one woman named Kim wrote.
  • "How will pregnant women go into labor?" another Kimberly wrote.

And then there was one from an expectant mother named Angela: "I had the pleasure of working here as my first job when I moved to Georgia and was hoping my September baby would be a Scalini's eggplant baby!"

  • To which Scalini’s replied, "We will share the recipe for you …"

As Scalini's founder Joe Bogino told CBS46: "One gal or two came in, happened to eat the eggplant, delivered their baby, I think they started telling people of that occurrence and it just caught on all by itself. Do I believe this induces labor? I believe my customer!"

Ahmaud Arbery's hometown dedicates street to him after sentencing in hate crime case

A woman carries a portrait of Ahmaud Arbery outside the Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick, Ga. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Ahmaud Arbery's hometown of Brunswick, Georgia, this week dedicated a street in honor of his legacy.

The big picture: The dedication occurred after a federal judge handed down another life sentence to Travis and Greg McMichael, two of three white men already in prison after being convicted in a state court for the Arbery's murder.

Kristal Dixon
Aug 10, 2022 - News

Critics say "no" to proposed Atlanta jail lease agreement

Illustration of the "No" symbol merged with jail cell bars.
Illustration: Lindsey Bailey/Axios

Local activists are criticizing a proposal to lease beds at the Atlanta City Detention Center to Fulton County.

Driving the news: City Council's Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee on Monday voted to advance an intergovernmental agreement between the city, Fulton County and Sheriff Patrick Labat to house up to 700 county detainees at the facility for no more than 4 years.

Rudy Giuliani must testify in Atlanta 2020 election probe next week

Rudy Giuliani recorded testimony at Jan. 6 committee hearing
A video deposition from Rudy Giuliani at a July 12 hearing for the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack. Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

An Atlanta judge ordered Rudy Giuliani to testify in person before a panel investigating the 2020 election on Aug. 17, unless a doctor can explain why Trump's former lawyer is unable to do so.

Why it matters: Giuliani is among those closest to former President Trump that the Fulton County special purpose grand jury has subpoenaed. He was originally ordered to testify today.

Thomas Wheatley
Aug 9, 2022 - News

Atlanta leaders call for nonviolent conflict resolution

police officers standing next to park entry sign with crime tape wrapped around it
Photo: Ben Hendren for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Police have responded to at least 15 reported shootings so far this month — two of which resulted in the hospitalization of children.

  • A driving factor, say Atlanta Police and city officials, is residents' and out-of-towners' tendencies to pick up a firearm to settle a conflict.