Diversity in tech

Florida's pitch for growth: more diversity

Welcome to Florida sign in front of palm trees
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TAMPA — Tens of thousands of new residents — about half of whom arrived from outside the U.S. — flocked to Central Florida last year, making Tampa and Orlando two of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

Why it matters: That influx of new arrivals is propelling Florida's population growth (second only to Texas), as well as changing the political make-up of the most evenly split part of the country's biggest swing state.

Microsoft employee questions its diversity efforts

Microsoft made headlines last week after Quartz reported that some inside the company have been questioning the value of diversity efforts.

What's happening: In posts to an internal discussion forum, according to Quartz, a female program manager at Microsoft knocked the company for a policy she says "financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices," adding that she's referring to incentives given to senior management for hiring those who aren't Asian or white men.