Trump approaches speedy acquittal

Trump walking toward the East Room
Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Officials in both parties tell Axios that — barring surprise new information — President Trump is on a glide path to swift acquittal at his Senate impeachment trial, despite a blizzard of evidence bolstering Democrats' accusations.

Why it matters: Trump has a decent chance of avoiding witnesses and of losing zero Republican votes on conviction. When the news of Trump's Ukraine scandal broke, few thought every single Republican in the House and Senate would have his back. Bill Clinton pined for such unity. 

The daily highlights from Trump's Senate impeachment trial

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The Senate is in the midst of its impeachment trial of President Trump, hearing hours of testimony and opening arguments from Democratic impeachment managers and the president's legal team over the coming days.

The big picture: After hours of public impeachment hearings in the House over the past few months, both sides are finally laying out their cases about Trump's conduct.