Saudi Arabia

Canada faces Saudi Arabia and China on its own

Freeland (R) welcomes al-Qunun to Canada. Photo: Lars Hagberg/AFP/Getty Images

Canada is embroiled in escalating disputes with two authoritarian powers, without the U.S. to lean on for support.

The big picture: Ferry de Kerckhove, a longtime Canadian diplomat now at the University of Ottawa, says the disputes put Canada in a "profoundly unusual" position. "We live in an entirely different world,” he says, where the Chinese and Saudis know the U.S. won’t stand behind Canada.

Column / Harder Line

One planet, divided under global warming

Illustration of a divided planet Earth, split into red and blue halves
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Sure, we all share this one planet. But the warming Earth is poised to divide — not unite — us.

The big picture: One cornerstone of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement is that nations have a shared responsibility to address global warming. But the reality is that climate change won't affect everyone the same way. The impacts, while immense, aren’t shared evenly around the world, and the solutions will affect some nations more than others.

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