Timeline: The major developments in the college admissions scandal

Actress Lori Laughlin
Actress Lori Loughlin exit the Boston Federal Court house after a pre-trial hearing with at U.S. courthouse in Boston on Aug. 27. Photo: JOSEPH PREZIOSO / Getty Images

In what Department of Justice prosecutors have called the biggest admissions scam in U.S. history, parents allegedly bribed coaches and paid for forged standardized tests in a conspiracy to get their children into elite American colleges.

Driving the news: A former college exam proctor accused of accepting bribes to allow cheating on college entrance exams pleaded guilty on Nov. 13 to a racketeering charge. Prosecutors claimed Igor Dvorskiy accepted about $200,000 in bribes to assist 20 students. That same day, Toby Macfarlane, a California-based insurance executive, was sentenced to six months in prison after admitting to conspiring with Rick Singer on behalf of his two children.

Amherst College pushes for diversity in its athletics programs

Amherst College campus. Photo: Joanne Rathe/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Amherst College campus. Photo: Joanne Rathe/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The youth sports economy has doubled in size over the past decade to more than $15 billion, ushering in an era of private coaching, travel teams and summer showcases.

The state of play: This prices out young athletes from low- and even middle-class households, which might explain why college sports teams are increasingly lacking in diversity, especially when football and basketball are excluded — forcing Amherst College to find a way to fight back.