Timeline: The major developments in the college admissions scandal

Felicity Huffman. Photo: Boston Globe/Getty Images

In what Department of Justice prosecutors are calling the biggest admissions scam in U.S. history, parents allegedly bribed coaches and paid for forged standardized tests in a conspiracy to get their children admitted to elite American colleges.

Driving the news: On Sept. 13, Felicity Huffman became the first parent sentenced in the scandal to be sentenced. On Sept. 17, Chinese national Xiaoning Sui became the 52nd person charged.

Operation Varsity Blues: 52nd person charged in college admissions scandal

William Singer.
Operation Varsity Blues ringleader William Singer. Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

U.S. prosecutors charged Chinese national Xiaoning Sui on Monday for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest-services mail fraud, alleging that she paid $400,000 to enroll her son at UCLA as a fake soccer player, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters: Sui is the 52nd person and the 35th parent to face criminal prosecution in what authorities have called the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Justice Department.