James Comey

Jeff Daniels to star in CBS adaptation of James Comey's memoir

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Jeff Daniels will play former FBI Director James Comey in a CBS Studios miniseries adaptation of Comey's memoir, "A Higher Loyalty," Deadline reports.

The big picture: Writer and director Billy Ray spent a year interviewing Comey and other key FBI and government officials to represent the viewpoints of those on both sides of the political aisle.

Trump’s playbook for planting suspicion

A conceptual illustration of Donald Trump suspiciously peering through the blinds.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

President Trump's effort to paint Joe Biden as corrupt — debunked by fact-checkers — fits a pattern of Trump's attacks on enemies: Raise deeply serious questions, regardless of what the facts say; hammer on those questions; never, ever seek finality.

Why it matters: Trump tries to plant seeds of suspicion and doubt, even if he doesn't actually prove a case. He incubates the attacks in perpetuity, rather than seeking an actual resolution. But in Biden's case, they've backfired in a way Trump couldn't have imagined.