House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi's impeachment power

In this image, Pelosi speaks while standing near an American flag.
Speaker Pelosi holds her weekly news conference on May 23. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

There may not be another Democrat in the country, besides Speaker Pelosi, who would have had the ability to hold off the rank and file's push to impeach President Trump.

The state of play: The view on the Hill seems to be that if Pelosi puts her foot down and says "no" to impeachment, then there’s no chance House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler or others will defy her wishes.

Senate passes last-minute $19.1 billion disaster relief package

Damage from a hurricane that rattled Panama City, Florida in 2018
Damaged buildings and a flooded street are seen after Hurricane Michael pummeled Panama City, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

After reaching a last-minute agreement with President Trump on Thursday, the Senate passed a $19.1 billion aid package for areas affected by natural disasters over the last two years. The package does not include funding for the border, as Trump had previously demanded.

Why it matters: The deal comes after months of tense negotiations, specifically over additional funding for Puerto Rico and stalled relief for mainland regions struggling after being hit by hurricanes, wildfires and historic flooding. The House has already adjourned for a week-long recess, but the legislation could be approved on a voice vote.