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Monica Eng
May 27, 2022 - Things to Do

"Somewhere Over the Border" crosses frontiers

Woman in front of rain storm
Gabriela Moscoso stars as Reina in "Somewhere Over the Border." Photo: Joel Maisonet, courtesy of Teatro Vista

In a new show, playwright and actor Brian Quijada uses a North American children's story to frame a Central American immigrant story.

The show: "Somewhere Over the Border," performed by Teatro Vista at the Windy City Playhouse through June 12.

Photo flashback: Chicago beaches

People on beach
People in bathing suits at Oak Street Beach in 1929. Photo: Chicago Daily News/Chicago History Museum/Getty Images

Area beaches open today!

  • Here's a look back at our city enjoying what Lake Michigan has to offer. Happy summer, Chicago.
Monica Eng
May 27, 2022 - Things to Do

Tuning in to Chicago's 1992 indie-music scene

Band on stage
Uncle Tupelo, shown here in Minneapolis in 1994, was a staple of the Chicago rock-club scene. Photo: Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The new TV show "Shining Girls" takes place partly in Chicago's indie club scene circa 1992.

  • Kirby (played by Elisabeth Moss) watches her mom's punk shows and even has a Lounge Ax (RIP) poster on her wall.
  • It got us wondering how folks from the 1992 scene remember its highlights 30 years later and view the show.
Monica Eng
Updated May 26, 2022 - News

Chicago is no hellhole to us

heart and chicago star
Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

At the recent GOP gubernatorial debate, downstate candidate Darren Bailey derided Chicago as a "hellhole."

Why it matters: For starters, the comment rankles unabashed Chicago-lovers like us.

  • But it could also prove a questionable strategy in a state where three-quarters of the population resides in the Chicago metro area, and almost a fourth lives in the city.
Monica Eng
May 26, 2022 - News

Schools address mental health. Plus: talking to your kids

Illustration of a person sitting on the ground surrounded by radiating lines. 
Shoshana Gordon/Axios

The horrific Uvalde, Texas, shooting has shined a renewed spotlight on youth mental health and trauma care needs.

  • Locally, those issues have gotten a boost of support with a new Chicago Public Schools suicide-prevention campaign, extra student and staff mental health training, and an official CPS mental health policy.

By the numbers: According to recently released CDC data, more than 1 in 3 high school students experienced poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

15 ideas for thrift shopping, as told by Chicago readers

woman shopping at a thrift store
A customer at a Goodwill store in Arlington Heights. Photo: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Last week, we asked about where you like to shop for your secondhand duds.

👗 Arianna V.: "I love all of the Village Discount stores. Not only do they have great prices, but you can get lost in there for at least an hour because of the mass amount of items out on the floor."

Chicago to vote on city's first-ever casino

A rendering of the Bally's casino in River West. Courtesy of Bally's

The first Chicago casino could be on its way to breaking ground as the City Council plans to vote on Bally's proposal in River West later this morning.

Why it matters: The $200 million in expected annual revenue would go to paying for police and fire pensions, but some opponents say that estimate is overblown.

Monica Eng
May 25, 2022 - Things to Do

Check out Olive Park

Gal in a park
Earlier this week, we asked where Monica took this picture. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

We asked readers to identify the park Monica was in using these clues: