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Hans Nichols
Updated 42 mins ago - Politics & Policy

Newsom's complicated choice in replacing Feinstein

Scoop: Biden to start giving foreign aid for deportations

Neil Irwin
4 hours ago - Economy & Business

Inflation pressures are finally receding. Here's what it looks like

House GOP fails to pass stopgap spending bill one day before shutdown

Sen. Dianne Feinstein dies at age 90

Sareen Habeshian
Updated 5 hours ago - Politics & Policy

How a government shutdown could affect you

UAW expands strike against Ford, General Motors

Pioneering Feinstein remembered by women lawmakers: "A force"

In photos: Sen. Dianne Feinstein's historic career

Ivana Saric
9 hours ago - Science

Harvest moon, last supermoon of 2023, dazzles skies worldwide

Biden shows his cards on offshore drilling

Canada's "hellish" wildfire season defies the calendar

John Frank
10 hours ago - Economy & Business

Coors Brewing battles declining beer sales as it celebrates 150 years

Second GOP presidential primary debate drops to 9.5M viewers

September stock slump shows bear market’s staying power

Ryan Heath
12 hours ago - Technology

How AI can put mistakes into overdrive

A government shutdown could have long-lasting air travel consequences

Caitlin Owens
13 hours ago - Health

Blue cities rethink their embrace of progressive drug policies

Scoop: Yellen's plan for a breakthrough with China

House passes first GOP spending bills in months as shutdown nears

Lawmakers plot McCarthy replacement in case motion to vacate succeeds

Biden impeachment hearing gets off to sputtering start