White House

Every high-profile Trump White House departure

Ryan Zinke, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, and Nikki Haley. Photos: Getty Images

The Trump White House had more first-year departures than any other president in at least 40 years — and the departures haven't stopped. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is the latest official to announce he will resign following scrutiny over his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case during his tenure as a federal prosecutor in Florida.

Why it matters: The first-term revolving door of Trump's highest Cabinet officials is not normal, although some turnover should be expected now that we're past the midterms.

White House shelves climate science challenge

E&E News reports, "The proposed White House panel that would conduct an 'adversarial' review of climate science is dead for now, as President Trump grapples with negative perceptions of his environmental record at the outset of his reelection campaign."

Why it matters: The move suggests the White House isn't interested in a head-on attack on mainstream climate science before the election — even as the administration's dismantling of Obama-era emissions rules continues apace.