Stephen Miller (political advisor)

Stephen Miller: Trump will "protect" his national emergency declaration

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said on "Fox News Sunday" that President Trump "will protect his national emergency declaration" for the border, refusing to answer whether Trump would veto a resolution of disapproval that Congress may pass.

Backdrop: Trump plans to tap into $3.6 billion of additional funding for the border wall via the Department of Defense's military construction fund. Trump's decision to declare a national emergency to fund a border wall has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats as a dangerous precedent that could grant expanded executive power to future presidential administrations.

What we're watching: Washington reacts to Texas' ACA ruling

Republicans and Democrats took to the Sunday morning talk shows to react to Friday's decision by a federal judge in Texas to throw out key provisions of the Affordable Care Act — a ruling that could make its way to the Supreme Court and ultimately impact millions of Americans.

What they're saying: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the conservative judge's decision as "an awful, awful ruling" on NBC's "Meet the Press," claiming that in addition to eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions, it would have far-reaching impacts on funding for opioid treatment, drug prices and women's health issues. Schumer said Democrats would fight the ruling "tooth and nail," and that they would put a vote on the floor "urging an intervention in the case."

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