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The real tech regulators

Illustration of a giant finger pointing at a little sad computer
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Media exposés and boycotts from big-name advertisers are doing what government regulators haven't: They're forcing the country's biggest tech companies to change their products, policies and strategies.

  • Why it matters: Despite an onslaught of hearings and statements from Washington, virtually no regulation has actually passed to significantly address privacy practices.
  • The early 2020 conversation includes a call to "break up" big tech — led by Elizabeth Warren's proposal targeting Google, Facebook and Amazon. But the proclamations have yet to be backed up by any concrete action.

Trump blames "fake news" for "deranged" Melania conspiracy theory

President Trump and Melania Trump view crosses honoring 23 people killed in an Alabama storm.
Photo: Nicholas Kamm /Getty Images

President Trump appeared to blame the media Wednesday for peddling the conspiracy theory that first lady Melania Trump uses a body double to accompany him on trips.

Details: Some social media users had suggested the first lady looked different and might be an actress while wearing sunglasses when the couple’s visited a memorial in Opelika, Alabama, for the 23 victims who died in a tornado there. The body double conspiracy theory emerged in 2017, when Melania Trump visited the U.S. Secret Service training facility in Maryland. She was also wearing dark glasses during that visit. Trump did not supply any evidence to back up his claim of who was behind the conspiracy theory.

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