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Shep Smith steps down at Fox News

Shep Smith, Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Longtime Fox News anchor Shep Smith announced on Friday that he is stepping down from his position as Fox News' chief news anchor, managing editor of the network’s breaking news unit and anchor of his weekday news show, Shepard Smith Reporting. Smith has been with the network for 23 years.

Why it matters: His departure comes as a rift grows wider between daytime news anchors and primetime opinion hosts at Fox.

Gawker's successor Splinter to shut down after 2 years

Online media outlet Splinter is shutting down after nearly 2 years as a result of low readership, reports The Daily Beast.

Why it matters: Splinter, which is operated by G/O Media, took the place of media gossip blog Gawker after it was also forced to shut down following a legal battle with former wrestler Hulk Hogan. The left-leaning Splinter focused on politics and media and was often critical of mainstream media outlets.