Earthquake strikes Bosnia, hours after deadly tremor in Albania

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake killed at least six people, wounded 300 others and collapsed buildings in Albania early Tuesday, AP reports. Hours later, a magnitude 5.4 quake shook nearby Bosnia. There were no immediate reports of injuries in Bosnia.

California fault capable of 8.0 earthquake shows movement for first time

A photo of the San Andreas fault.
A photo of the San Andreas fault. Photo: Stocktrek/Getty Images

The 160-mile-long Garlock fault in California has shown movement for the first time on the modern historical record, according to a study published Thursday by the California Institute of Technology.

Why it matters: The fault is capable of producing an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, but it has never previously produced a strong quake or creep. Now, satellite images show the fault has begun moving, resulting in a visible bulge. The movement is said to be a result of a July earthquake that destabilized surrounding faults.