Hong Kong police move to clear protesters from streets

Police clear Hong Kong's streets.
Police arrive to clear a road in Hong Kong early. Photo: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong police were clearing streets of protesters after hundreds spent the night near the city government headquarters following the previous day's huge demonstrations against a proposed bill to extradite charged citizens to mainland China, AP reports.

Details: After an hours-long standoff, the demonstrators — many in gas masks after officers fired tear gas at them in Wednesday's clashes — moved to a park and plaza near the government, per AP. They continued to call for the resignation of Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam, who suspended the bill that she supported indefinitely. She's apologized, but protesters are concerned she may reintroduce it, according to Reuters.

Hong Kong's leader apologizes as protesters demand resignation

Thousands rally in Hong Kong, despite clashes with police days earlier.
Thousands rally in Hong Kong, despite clashes with police days earlier. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam has apologized for a controversial extradition bill that prompted hundreds of thousands of protesters to take the streets on Sunday and demand for her resignation.

"The Chief Executive acknowledges that her government work has been unsatisfactory, leading to confusion and conflict in society, and leading to disappointment and heartbreak. The Chief Executive would like to apologize to the city’s citizens and is open to receiving criticism [on how to] further improve and provide better services for the broader society.”

Why it matters: Lam indefinitely suspended the bill on Saturday after violent clashes between protestors and police this week, but refused to withdraw it completely. The move did little to quell what has become Hong Kong's worst political crisis in decades.