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Meet Philadelphia Dem mayoral candidates: Allan Domb

Allan Domb

Photo: Courtesy of the Allan Domb campaign

Allan Domb is one of nine candidates running in the Democrats' mayoral primary on May 16. (Read all our candidate questionnaires here.)

The candidate: Domb is a real estate magnate who became the largest high-end broker in the city after quitting the locksmith business more than 40 years ago.

  • He served as an at-large member of City Council for seven years before resigning to run for mayor.

🏡 What neighborhoods have you lived in? Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square, Philadelphia waterfront.

💼 What are your past jobs? Repairman, salesman and manager at Phelps Timelock Service.

🍽️ Favorite Philly restaurant: It really depends which neighborhood: In Rittenhouse, Schlesinger’s Deli.

🏢 Favorite downtown building: Art Museum.

📺 Favorite Philadelphia TV show? “Abbott Elementary.”

💰How much did your property taxes go up last year? Too much.

⚾ Favorite Philly athlete (past or present) and why? I love Chase Utley (gotta love a dirt dog).

🚗 Savesies: Pro/con? Con. Street parking is one of the ultimate democratic things about city living: first come, first served, no savesies.

🏙 How would you enhance the vibrancy of Center City in the post-pandemic era? It is critical that we get Philadelphia workers — beginning with city workers — back downtown on a more regular basis to increase foot traffic during the day and evenings.

  • At the same time, the city should make it easier for businesses to open quickly to provide services and amenities.

What's the one moment in your life that most shaped you? When my brother passed away at a relatively young age, leaving me for the first time as an only child and responsible for my aging parents while also caring for my son.

🐕 What is one fun thing voters don't know about you? I am a huge animal lover and currently have a rescue dog, Allie, who often travels with me on the campaign trail.

Sum up the state of the city in five words or less. In crisis, needs new leadership.

And, of course, why do you want to be mayor? I am running for mayor because Philadelphia is in a crisis — we have a community safety crisis, a poverty and jobs crisis, an education crisis and a crisis of affordable housing — but the biggest crisis is one of leadership in the mayor's office.

  • As the only candidate who has substantial experience creating jobs in the private sector and serving in Philadelphia government, I believe I am uniquely qualified to take on our city’s biggest challenges and make things better for every neighborhood.

On the issues

Would you increase (⬆️), keep level (⏸️), or decrease (⬇️) the police department's budget?

  • ⬆️ Increase

What's one big idea you have to address the ongoing gun violence crisis?

  • I'll move to reduce gun violence and homicides by 50% by the end of my first term by dramatically expanding Group or Community Violence Intervention programs in the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates, prosecuting anyone caught with an illegal gun or in possession of a gun while committing a crime, and working with federal and state authorities to stop illegal guns from being brought to Philadelphia.
  • Under my leadership, we will end this sense of lawlessness and make Philadelphia safe.

Do you support the 76ers proposal to build a new arena in Center City? Yes (✅) or no (❌)

  • Domb did not respond by deadline.

Explain your answer, in 1 sentence.

  • Domb did not respond by deadline.

Do you support installing permanent public bathrooms in the city? Yes (✅) or no (❌)

How many would you look to install and in what neighborhoods? (1 sentence or less.)

  • We should focus on areas with the most foot traffic — near tourist sites, Center City and parks — then expand out, in addition to adding more city garbage cans.

💡 What's 1 big idea that would be a game-changer for Philly? (2 sentences or less)

  • I have a goal to add 100,000 jobs, add 100,000 residents and lift 100,000 people out of poverty within 10 years.
  • As the only candidate for mayor who built a business from the ground up and created jobs, I believe I am uniquely qualified to help Philadelphia residents build an economy that works for us all.

🪓 What law, tax or program would you scrap immediately, and why? (2 sentences or less)

  • I'll change the policies that hinder small, neighborhood Black and Brown businesses from participating in the city's contracting by right-sizing requests for proposals, insurance and bonding requirements.
  • If Philadelphia is going to increase the number of people working at good jobs, we need to increase the number of new businesses — and that starts with supporting homegrown firms.

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Editor's note: This q&a will be updated as primary season continues.


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