May 20, 2024 - News

📷 Pic du jour: Abbott visits NRA members with Trump

Gov. Greg Abbott gives a thumbs up at the 2024 NRA convention

Gov. Greg Abbott greets the crowd at the NRA annual meeting in Dallas. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former President Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott told National Rifle Association members during the weekend that gun rights are in peril.

The latest: The NRA hosted its annual meeting and exhibit in Dallas for the first time since 2018.

  • "The NRA has stood with me from the very beginning," Trump told members in his ninth time addressing the organization.

What they're saying: Abbott shared his record on expanding gun rights and touted the state's response to pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses, per the Texas Tribune.

  • "When they tried to pull that stunt in Texas, our Department of Public Safety cleared the area, arrested the protesters and put them in jail," he said.

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