New Dallas convention center is only the latest attempt to redevelop area

The Dallas Omni Hotel
After hundreds of millions of dollars, the area around the convention center still looks like this. Photo: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The plan to build a new convention center is only the latest in a decades-long string of proposed publicly funded projects to redevelop the southwest corner of downtown Dallas.

Why it matters: Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 20 years, the area around the convention center is still mostly unpopulated and devoid of the foot traffic in other parts of downtown.

Irving-based ExxonMobil pledges to go net-zero by 2050

An ExxonMobil oil refiner in Baton Rouge.
An ExxonMobil oil refiner in Baton Rouge. Photo: Barry Lewis/InPictures via Getty Images

ExxonMobil has committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from all of its operations by 2050, a step the company says is in line with the Paris Agreement.

Why it matters: Some investors and environmental activists have pressured the Irving-based oil giant to do more to reduce its emissions and address its contributions to climate change.

Michael Mooney
Jan 24, 2022 - News

City of Dallas revokes poker room permit

A strip mall card room
This strip mall poker room attracts hundreds of players every day. Photo: Brandon Donner for Axios

The Texas Card House in Northwest Dallas received a letter from the city attorney revoking the permit that allows the business to operate, noting that the card room has been “keeping a gambling place,” according to a report from CBS11.

Why it matters: Texas Card House has been open to the public since 2020, after the city approved the permit. Hundreds of people gather there every day to play poker.

Michael Mooney
Jan 14, 2022 - Business

New Dallas convention center would benefit wealthy developers with public funds

The former Dallas Morning News building
Developer Ray Washburne hopes the city's new convention center will help him turn the former Dallas Morning News building into an entertainment district. Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

If Dallas follows through with plans to build a new convention center, the most direct beneficiaries will be some of the richest men in North Texas.

Why it matters: The proposed new convention center would be the focus of a redevelopment plan for the southwest corner of downtown that could cost a reported $4.5 billion of public money, according to a recent feature in D Magazine.

Dallas will get an economic development corporation

A photo of Dallas City Hall
Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Dallas will establish an economic development corporation to draw more businesses to the city, after the council unanimously approved the measure yesterday.

Why it matters: The corporation would act somewhat independently to develop city-owned properties and attract businesses to Dallas.

Michael Mooney
Jan 12, 2022 - Business

American Airlines deal with Aer Lingus will make flying to Europe easier

An Aer Lingus jet, looking very green
Off to the Emerald Isle! Photo: Peter Muhly/AFP via Getty Images

Getting from North Texas to Ireland will be a little easier, thanks to an agreement between Fort Worth-based American Airlines and Dublin-based Aer Lingus.

Why it matters: The travel industry, which affects nearly every part of the economy in North Texas, is still recovering from the pandemic drop-off. And international travel has taken one of the biggest hits.

North Texas bucks national trend, gains jobs during pandemic

Data: Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Chart: Dani Alberti, Jacque Schrag and Baidi Wang/Axios

North Texas has actually gained jobs during the course of the pandemic, something uncommon among major U.S. cities.

Why it matters: Dallas, Fort Worth and the Austin area are outliers in job growth. Of the largest 100 metro areas, 88 had fewer jobs in October than before the pandemic, according to data from the New York Fed.

Michael Mooney
Dec 17, 2021 - Business

Books by Dallas authors that would make great gifts

A book on a table
"Texas Country Reporter" Bob Phillips was among the many North Texans who published a book this year. Photo: Cormac West for Axios.

There aren't many gifts as good as great literature — and North Texas produces more than our fair share.

  • Deep Vellum founder Will Evans gave Axios a diverse list of books by local authors that came out in 2021, some published by Deep Vellum and others published elsewhere.

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