Oct 30, 2023 - Food and Drink

Bite Club: Uncle Mike's Filipino breakfasts

two Filipino breakfast plates

Longanisa breakfast sandwich and fried bangus fish and tocino breakfast at Uncle Mike's. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

I'm still trying to find the time and courage to stand in line for Kasama's Filipino breakfast sandwich made famous by "The Bear."

  • But in the meantime, I've turned to a great alternative at Uncle Mike's Place about a mile south.

The bite: The bangus and tocino Filipino breakfast combo ($16.95) featuring perfectly fried milkfish, tender, juicy barbecued pork chunks, bright pico de gallo and eggs over rice.

  • Those looking for a closer cousin to the Kasama sandwich can also try Mike's terrific breakfast sandwich paired with grilled longanisa links, a dish that comes with delicious chocolatey champorado ($8.95).

The bonus: Every meal here starts with a free bowl of ultra-comforting rice soup called lugaw that I could eat all day.

rice soup
Complimentary lugaw rice soup at Uncle Mike's. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

The verdict: I love breakfast at this cozy 30-year old diner that added Filipino dishes to the menu in 2008.

  • And while I don't know if it's better than Kasama's breakfast, I do know it's wonderful.

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