Jul 21, 2023 - Food and Drink

Jim's Original puts delicious spins on classic breakfasts

Inside of a burrito with hash browns, sausage, eggs and on a green plate.

Polish sausage breakfast burrito at Jim's Original on Elston. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

I recently stumbled upon two delightful twists on Maxwell Street classics.

What's happening: Jim's Original is serving up a Polish sausage breakfast burrito ($10), and a bone-in pork chop breakfast sandwich ($7.80) as part of a new breakfast menu at the Elston location.

Backstory: Jim Christopoulos, whose family has been cranking out pork chops and Polishes at Jim's since 1939, launched the six-item menu in late April.

The caveat: "It had to stay true to our Maxwell Street roots," he tells Axios. "I mean, you can find burritos and breakfast sandwiches everywhere but not with Polish sausages and pork chops."

The burrito: Featuring griddled nubbins of sausage, crispy fried hash browns and fried egg, this toasted wrap bursts with crunch and flavor.

  • Don't miss the house-made roasted serrano and tomatillo salsa that comes with it.

The sandwich: Served with an order of Jim's signature fries, it's like the tastier brother of an Egg McMuffin — but with the ham swapped out for a juicy, bone-in pork chop.

  • Pro tip: Watch out for the bone when biting down, and order a pickled pepper to eat on the side.

If you go: The breakfast menu is served daily 8-11am and also features pork chop burritos and Polish sausage breakfast sandwiches with bun-size discs of griddled sausage.

What's next: Christopoulos tells Axios he doesn't think the burrito could work at his OG Union Street stand, but he wants to bring the breakfast sandwiches there in the future.

English muffin with egg and cheese and french fries on the side.
Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

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