Apr 7, 2022 - Sports

How to fake it: The 2022 Chicago Cubs

Baseball player with a Chicago flag

Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward carries a Chicago flag onto the field before Opening Day at Wrigley Field last year. Photo: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

👋 Hi, Justin here! It's quite possible you will be celebrating today with Cubs fans after not following the team through the off-season.

  • If so, here's a quick guide to the 2022 Cubs that will help whether you're drinking beers at Murphy's or talking to co-workers on Zoom.

The big picture: The Cubs are in a rebuild after trading away their big 2016 World Series stars last year for prospects.

  • Gone are Rizzo, Bryant, and Báez. It's a sore spot for fans.
  • So when a Brewer hits a single up the middle, a well-timed "Javy would have had that" will get nods of approval.

State of play: Despite the rebuild, the Cubs did bring in some interesting new talent.

  • This includes pitcher Marcus Stroman, who shows a lot of emotion on the mound.
  • He will get fans fired up, and you might too if you shout "STRO!!!!!" when he strikes someone out.

The intrigue: Chicago's best player could be Japanese star rookie Seiya Suzuki.

  • His first name is pronounced "Say-Ya," like the Outkast song "Hey Ya."
  • Do what you will with that, but don't overdo it. Leave the people wanting more.

Quick take: The Cubs will rely on last year's unofficial closer, Rowan Wick. When he inevitably blows a save, there might be a joke in there?

  • "Blow out that wick, this one's over!"

🍻 If all else fails, talk about Wrigleyville's finest: drunk college kids who can't hold their liquor.

Tomorrow: We'll preview the White Sox.


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