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Best Day Ever: John Green, author of "The Fault in Our Stars"

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Author John Green speaks onstage in 2017. Photo: Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

Author John Green thought he was done writing books after successfully publishing seven of them, including YA megahits "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Paper Towns."

  • "I started out writing essays for a podcast because I was tired of books and didn't know if I ever wanted to write another one," Green tells Axios.

Yes, but: Those essays, which all focus on facets of the human condition, have been collected for his new book, "The Anthropocene Reviewed."

  • "Turtles are very good at being turtles," Green says. "They know everything there is to know about being a turtle. I, as a human, know very little about how to be human, or even what it means to be human."

In the news: Green's first book, "Looking for Alaska," has been showing up on banned book lists across the country.

  • "The book is sixteen years old now, and yet the faux-moral hysteria around what kind of literature is 'appropriate' for teenagers has only increased in those years."

Green spent his early years writing and performing here and gets back to town often. So we asked him to give us his perfect Chicago day.

🛌 Breakfast: "In bed."

📚 Morning activity: "Walk around Lincoln Square for a bit, finishing with a visit to the Book Cellar, where I buy whatever book the extraordinarily well-read staff recommends to me."

🥐 Lunch: "Cafe L'Appetito. I ate there almost every weekday for six years when I lived in Chicago. While eating, I start the book I bought in the morning."

📽 Afternoon activity: "Matinee at the Davis Theater."

🍽 Dinner: "Leña Brava in the West Loop."

🍻 Evening activity: "Meet up with friends for drinks at the Brauhaus."

book store
The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. Photo courtesy of The Book Cellar

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