U.S. China trade war

Chinese A-shares escape the trade war trap

Data: Factset; Chart: Axios Visuals

While China's most well-known equity indexes have underperformed this year, its onshore stocks — so-called A-shares — have driven returns well above the U.S. and index maker MSCI's all-world stock index.

What it means: The A-shares are primarily domestic companies and therefore less exposed to the U.S.-China trade war.

Trump's China tariffs could lead to a Bible tax

Group of people reading the Bible
Photo: fstop123/Getty Images

The Trump administration's proposed tariffs on Chinese goods could starkly impact the printing industry, and lead to a shortage of Bibles and children's books, reports Bloomberg.

Why it matters: The $300 billion tariffs on Chinese goods includes printed materials and would make it difficult to afford printing some formats of the Bible, raise prices and lead to a shortage affecting the Christian bookseller market. Chinese manufacturers also use non-toxic and waterproof material for children's books, and it could be challenging for publishers to achieve that same quality for comparable prices elsewhere, per Bloomberg.