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Startups' new frontier: Optimizing your friendships

Illustration of a Rolodex with tabs indicating various social media apps.
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

CRM ("customer relationship management") software is how salespeople keep track of their targets. Now "personal CRM," which applies the same techniques to personal relationships, has become one of the hottest app categories in Silicon Valley, with three companies pursuing it in accelerator program Y Combinator’s most recent class.

Why it matters: Techies are drawn to optimizing and managing all aspects of their lives, from finances to health, so it’s no surprise they’re looking to do the same with their relationships with other people.

Podcast: Facebook for immigrants

A gold version of the statue of liberty.
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Homeis, a social networking app for immigrants, today announced $12 million in venture capital funding co-led by Canaan Partners and Spark Capital.

Why it matters: Heated political rhetoric on immigration tends to overlook the day-to-day needs of newcomers to a community, particularly when there are language and cultural barriers, and existing social networks haven't directly addressed this ready-made target market. At the same time, vulnerable populations are likely to have elevated data privacy fears.