Donald Trump impeachment

The daily highlights from Trump's Senate impeachment trial

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The Senate is in the midst of its impeachment trial of President Trump, hearing hours of testimony and opening arguments from Democratic impeachment managers and the president's legal team over the coming days.

The big picture: After hours of public impeachment hearings in the House over the past few months, both sides are finally laying out their cases about Trump's conduct.

Political dysfunction's long-term cost

In this image, the dome of the Capitol is seen in DC
The US Capitol building on Jan. 25. Photo: Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images

"Americans should understand that there will be a significant, long-term economic cost to our polarized politics and dysfunctional government," Washington Post economics columnist Steve Pearlstein writes on the Sunday Business cover.

The backdrop: House impeachment managers are arguing that the constitutional powers of Congress to indict a president will never function if Trump isn't found guilty of obstruction, while Trump's defense team is arguing that impeaching Trump would revoke voters' ability to judge the president for his actions.