Department of Justice (DOJ)

Justice Department backs Treasury on blocking Trump tax returns

President Donald Trump
Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Department of Justice is backing the Department of Treasury's decision to not release President Trump's tax returns to Congress.

Why it matters: The DOJ is asserting the request for Trump's tax returns serves no "legitimate legislative purpose," and therefore it doesn't have to be fulfilled. The opinion also says it's for this very reason that Congress can't subpoena the documents.

What can happen with the CVS-Aetna merger

A pedestrian walks by a CVS store.
CVS Health bought Aetna in a deal worth $78 billion. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Federal judge Richard Leon is raising antitrust concerns about CVS Health's $78 billion takeover of Aetna, but legal experts say he simply doesn't have authority to nix the deal.

Why it matters: The biggest companies in health care keep getting bigger, and critics fear anticompetitive effects — but nothing has actually slowed the industry's rapid consolidation.