Robot umpires are coming to baseball's minor leagues

Illustration of a robot dressed up in umpire gear
Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

An automated strike zone will be used in some minor league ballparks next season, according to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred — the latest development in baseball's slow embrace of "robot umpires."

Why it matters: In a world of instant replays and booth reviews, and on the heels of a World Series in which an inconsistent strike zone took center stage, it's becoming harder and harder to imagine MLB not eventually going this route.

40-day GM strike ends with new labor contract

In this image, a woman shouts while standing in front of people holding signs that say "UAW strike"
General Motors workers and supporters in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Sept. 20. Photo: Reuters/Bryan Woolston/File Photo

The first U.S. auto strike in 12 years came to an end on Friday after the United Auto Workers and General Motors approved a four-year labor contract, CNBC reports.

Where it stands: UAW secured "annual lump-sum bonuses" or raises plus $11,000 ratification bonuses, per CNBC, and said it would not block GMs' plans to close four facilities across the U.S. GM committed to adding thousands of new jobs and said it would decrease the number of years required for workers to earn more than $32 an hour. Some of the union’s 48,000 members employed at GM are expected to return to work as soon as Saturday.