Most Americans wouldn't hold a friend's 2016 vote against them

A significant majority of Americans say that their friends' vote for either Donald Trump (74%) or Hillary Clinton (86%) does not have any effect on their personal friendships, according to a new Pew Research poll.

Data: Pew Research Poll, June 27-July 9, 2017; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios
  • The split: Unsurprisingly, the biggest outlier were Democrats or leaning Democrats assessing friends who voted for Trump. 35% of those on the left said a Trump vote would strain a friendship — that number jumps to 47% for those who identify as liberal.
  • Trump as stress: And a majority of Americans (59%) find it stressful and frustrating to discuss politics with someone who has a differing opinion of Trump.
  • Why can't we be friends? Majorities of Republicans and Democrats both said that members of the other party probably share many of their values and goals. Those numbers aren't significantly different from the last time the poll was conducted in 2013 — but they're significantly better than 2007 and 2005.